We supply and install a range of automatic vent or AOV systems, including automatic smoke ventilation systems, to allow maximum natural fume extraction automatically. Similar to windows, AOV systems are designed to open in the event of fire to let out smoke, and are linked to the fire alarm system.

Disabled Refuge

Disabled refuge systems should be considered to be installed in buildings over one floor level for helping to comply with the “The Disabled Discrimination ACT”. We can help with design, install and maintain Disabled Refuge systems with our experienced team at TFS.

Emergency Lighting

The primary purpose of emergency lighting is to illuminate exits and escape routes. They are also used to illuminate signs and other safety equipment. Emergency lighting operates automatically when a lighting circuit loses its main power supply and is therefore vital in aiding safe evacuation when needed. Our supply and installation of emergency lighting addresses the most up to date of building safety regulations. Our services include design, supply, installation, commission and maintenance of all of your emergency lighting needs.

Fire Alarms

We design, supply, install and maintain a wide range of different fire alarm systems, meaning that we can create a package which is suitable for your individual needs. We provide the highest quality Fire alarm systems, which comply fully with all current EN regulations. We are also able to maintain existing systems and can advise on any recommendations to make your systems compliant to current EN regulations.

Fire Doors

We understand that fire doors are a crucial part to building and life saftey, this is why we have a Fire door division with over 50+ years’ experience in maintaining, repairing and installing new fire doors in the commercial or residential sector.
Our state-of-the-art technology allows our Fire door inspection to build online reports and remedial quotation with a click of a button with zero to no paper trail paired with our large scale fabrication unit based in London, Kent. All our doors are prefabricated and hung for quick and efficient installation.

Schools, Children Centres, Librarys, Care Homes, Offices, Hospitals, Private Dwellings, Domestic
Large Commercial, Small Commercial, Retail and High Rise Buildings

Regulations (Regulation 10)

With newly implemented fire door regulations it is now a necessity
to have fire doors surveyed and maintained regularly as specified in regulation 10.

Surveying / Reporting

Reporting/survey system with online reports

Remedial Works

Fire door repairs and potential upgrades

Prefabricated Doors

All doors are prefabricated off site for a quick, efficient and minimal clean up finish

New Install

New fire door installation door sets with required sign off

Fire Extinguishers

We can supply and maintain fire extinguishers, as well as give you safety advice on regulations. We cater for all types of users and have extensive knowledge in fire regulations for businesses including: Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Construction Companies, Educational establishments, National and Regional private sector companies as well as small and medium independent traders. Therefore, we are fully advisable to assist you in your fire extinguisher needs and provide you with comprehensive Fire Risk Assessments which comply with government rules and regulations.

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