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Fully Automatic
Gate Systems

If you would like to enhance home security but also desire something functional and easy to use, then a fully automated gate system is the perfect answer. Our gate systems are constructed out of metal and will give you total reassurance but also look perfect on your property. In addition, the ease with which the gate can be opened and closed at the click of a bottom means access to your property is completely unimpeded.

Metal Staircases

Metal staircases have a timeless appeal and will give your home real elegance and refinement. Whether you want an indoor metal staircase or an outdoor metal staircase, our expert craftsmen can help design and build a sturdy, durable staircase that will add value and functionality to your property.

Gates & Railings

Railings are a great addition to any pathway or garden and will enhance the overall look and feel of your property. Railings provide extra security wherever they are built and give you real peace of mind. We can build railings in a variety of styles and looks to really match with the rest of your property.

Bespoke Handrails

If you would like to increase safety on your staircase the best way to do that is with handrails. Or if you already have handrails but they look rather tired or dated, then we can design the perfect metal handrails for you. Our custom-made handrails are millimetre perfect and will slot in seamlessly into your home.

Fire Doors

We understand that fire doors are a crucial part to building and life saftey, this is why we have a Fire door division with over 50+ years’ experience in maintaining, repairing and installing new fire doors in the commercial or residential sector.
Our state-of-the-art technology allows our Fire door inspection to build online reports and remedial quotation with a click of a button with zero to no paper trail paired with our large scale fabrication unit based in London, Kent. All our doors are prefabricated and hung for quick and efficient installation.

Regulations (Regulation 10)

With newly implemented fire door regulations it is now a necessity
to have fire doors surveyed and maintained regularly as specified in regulation 10.

Surveying / Reporting

Reporting/survey system with online reports

Remedial Works

Fire door repairs and potential upgrades

Prefabricated Doors

All doors are prefabricated off site for a quick, efficient and minimal clean up finish

New Install

New fire door installation door sets with required sign off

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