At Trustee Fire & Security, fostering a deep understanding and appreciation for all aspects of the business is a core value. Recognising the importance of hands-on experience and knowledge-sharing, the company recently organised multiple day trips for our in house team. They were given the unique opportunity to accompany an engineer on-site, delving into the intricacies of a typical day and gaining invaluable insights into the roles and responsibilities of the TFS engineering team.

Isobelle spent the day with engineer Tom C and had the following to say about her experience;

“I enjoyed my day with Tom, it was nice to see what happens in an engineers day. I learnt that an engineers day isn’t as easy & simple as it looks! There are many things that could happen, e.g a callout, meaning you’ll have to reschedule jobs to get there in time. Seeing the different services engineers provide has improved my knowledge and I can give answers with more confidence when asked what’s involved with a particular service. It was refreshing to see things from an engineers perspective and the stresses potentially deal with. Overall it was a good experience and I enjoyed learning”