At Trustee Fire & Security, fostering a deep understanding and appreciation for all aspects of the business is a core value. Recognising the importance of hands-on experience and knowledge-sharing, the company recently organised multiple day trips for our in house team. They were given the unique opportunity to accompany an engineer on-site, delving into the intricacies of a typical day and gaining invaluable insights into the roles and responsibilities of the TFS engineering team.

Natalie spent the day with engineer Peter D and had the following to say about her experience;

“Peter was very professional and polite upon entering each site, he had great communication with the contact who was there, explaining what we were there to do (fire alarm service, intruder etc).

I like that I got involved with the fire extinguishers, tagging, cleaning, sticking the new 2023 stickers on them and filling out the label information etc.  

Testing in the children’s center with the smoke detectors and seeing how to put a fire alarm on test was cool never seen or done that before.  (On this particular panel there was buttons behind the face of it for engineers to do this put on test)

At this Children’s Centre, Peter was advising parents (as they were coming in) that there is going to be some noise. I thought that was very courteous of him to do so (as the babies were so small!) – we had already advised the staff there would be some noise which they were fine with.

Driving from job to job it’s not just always straight forward you come up against traffic which is out of anyone’s control but this does have a knock on affect to the time arriving on sites etc, also parking not always able to find a space.

I checked the battery dates and went up a small ladder (due to H&S restricting me) but I still enjoyed it. Peter did the rest, removed batteries then I put the info on them before he put them back in after them being tested.

Overall I had so much fun with Peter asked loads of questions and learnt a bit about him. Peter is very professional and represented Trustee well.”