It’s time to celebrate a significant milestone for Trustee Fire & Security as we proudly commemorate two years in our new office space. This is not only a testament to our growth but also a reflection of our commitment to providing top-notch services in the ever-evolving field of fire and security solutions.

The move to the new office marked a pivotal moment in Trustee Fire & Security’s journey. It provided us with a modern and purpose-built facility that perfectly accommodates our ever expanding team and enhances our operational efficiency with the in-house fabrication workshop.

Over the past two years, TFS has witnessed remarkable progress in our business, thanks to the support of our dedicated staff and the trust of our loyal clients. The new office has fostered a vibrant and dynamic work environment, igniting fresh ideas and promoting teamwork. The modern conference room has become a space for brainstorming sessions and important discussions with current and potential new clients.

The open-plan office layout has created a space for our team to build strong relationships and encouraging knowledge-sharing – something which is important to us. Regular team-building activities and on site visits with engineers have strengthened the bonds among the team members, creating a supportive and cohesive work environment.

Nick Toomey, Company Director had the following to say…

“Since moving in to our lovely offices just over two years ago, the company has continued to grow from strength to strength. Having the fabrication division in-house has really given TFS the competitive edge in the gate automation market as it gives quality control.

But most importantly having the staff that really buy into customer focus, which is a priority for the company. We look forward to next few years working closely with our customers”