Recently we’ve noticed an unfortunately large amount of litter consistently scattered around our local community and office space. So instead of complaining, we took it upon ourselves to fix the problem. After purchasing some litter pickers, we assembled our amazing team; Clare, Zoe, Izzy & Isobelle to tackle the situation!

We were pretty shocked to see how much litter there was in such a small area!

We spent time – during our normal business hours – collecting as much as we could, removing plastic wrappers from the bushes, food containers on the grass and even clothing that had been discarded in the road.

A local resident stopped to ask who we were and said that she’s also noticed the horrible build up of litter! She thanked us for volunteering our time to clean up, which obviously made our efforts feel worth while!

A massive thank you goes out to our lovely TFS team that took time out of their day to clean up! Well done Clare, Zoe, Izzy & Isobelle!