Yesterday, Millwall Football Club witnessed a thrilling display of sportsmanship and family fundraising as Trustee Fire & Security and Gloster MEP clashed on the pitch. The event aimed to raise funds for Help For Heroes while bringing families together for an exciting day of football. The atmosphere was filled with anticipation as both teams battled it out, with Gloster ultimately emerging victorious in a closely contested 3-2 victory.

By organizing this event, both companies showcased their commitment to social responsibility but also demonstrated the power of collaboration. As the players took to the field, it was clear that both teams were eager to secure victory. TFS fought valiantly throughout the match, and managed to score two penalties. On the other side, Gloster made use of their pacy wingers and counter attacks! With an impressive offensive display, Gloster managed to net three goals, ultimately clinching the victory.

Generous donations contributed to a total of approximately £3,000 raised for Help For Heroes. This significant sum will go a long way in supporting the chosen cause, making a tangible impact on the lives of those in need. Trustee Fire & Security and Gloster MEP, alongside the spectators, can take pride in knowing that they have made a difference through their shared passion for football and philanthropy.

Conclusion: The Trustee Fire & Security VS Gloster MEP charity football match at Millwall was a resounding success, both on and off the field. The game not only provided an exciting spectacle for football enthusiasts, friends & family… but also raised approximately £3,000 for a worthy cause.