Part of our aims of 2022 where to improve Health & Safety to the high standards that TFS hold themselves to. We know that what we’re doing is compliant but we knew there was more we could do to improve the management of Health & Safety to lead the way in the industry.

We knew that we needed a specialist to guide and support us and wanted them to be very hands on. For us this isn’t about ticking a box, it’s about protecting our people and affective risk management.

We chose Risk Fluent Ltd as our partners on this. Their award winning people centred approach displayed on their YouTube channel Rebranding Safety combined with their technical expertise from a decade of varied experience in safety and fire safety made them the perfect choice for the TFS standards and vision.

Risk Fluent use a people centred approach to Health & Safety and specialise in using their knowledge of Human Error and Organisational Behaviours combined with their technical knowledge in Health & Safety will really guide the company forward.

Already in this journey Risk Fluent and TFS have completed a full review of our risk management and started a project on improving our Risk Assessment and Method statement process to make them even more site specific and more streamlined to reduce the paperwork burden on the engineer to enable them to focus on managing the risk and getting the job done.