Trustee Fire & Security has proudly announced its decision to sponsor the club for another season. This renewed partnership signifies a strong bond between the two entities and sets the stage for another thrilling season for Millwall Football Club.

With our expertise in Fire protection, CCTV, access control, and intruder alarms, TFS has consistently demonstrated a commitment to safeguarding people, property, and businesses. By supporting Millwall Football Club, we extend this commitment to the passionate fans who fill the stadium each game day.

Millwall Football Club is known for its strong sense of community, determination, and unwavering loyalty, which resonates with Trustee Fire & Security’s principles. By aligning themselves with a club that embodies these values, Trustee Fire & Security reinforces its dedication to making a positive impact on the local community.

All at TFS would also like to extend our sincere condolences to the family of much-loved chairman John Berylson, who tragically passed away on July 4 when his car veered off the road in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.